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SeekOps Team Discusses Methane Monitoring on Let’s Clear the Air Podcast

SeekOps CEO Iain Cooper and VP of Business Development Paul Khuri were featured on a recent of episode of the Let’s Clear the Air – a podast from the GPA Midstream Association focused on education and advocacy for a better energy future. The episode delves into ways the industry is innovating and the breakthrough technologies being deployed to detect and measure methane leaks.

Topics covered in the interview include:

  • The challenge of methane emissions for the industry and how technology is helping companies meet that challenge
  • The history behind SeekOps’ sensors developed by NASA and the company’s differentiator, quantifying methane leaks
  • The locations and different industries that are utilizing SeekOps technology
  • The challenges of methane detection – there’s no technology that fits every scenario
  • Impact of regulatory pressures on the industry
  • The commitment of the industry to reduce emissions

Listen to the full podcast episode in these places:

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