Waste Management

Perform safer surveys. Optimize facility operations.

Methane gas is a reliable, renewable energy source that is produced naturally as waste decomposes in landfills. Compliance with regulatory requirements is only part of operators’ goals for responsible use of land, air and water. SeekOps technology delivers the right tools to understand landfill gas monitoring requirements, site emissions and safeguard operations.

Wastewater Sector

Sludge from wastewater treatment systems is processed to produce methane.The SeekOps Solution quantifies the impact of wastewater plant efficiency on total emissions.

Landfill Monitoring

Landfill sites are large areas that can be difficult to access. Today, they are surveyed via walking surveys and handheld sensors. Regular automated drone monitoring is a cost-effective alternative to address landfill gas monitoring process integrity and ensure the efficiency of landfill gas production.

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