The Drone

The drone-agnostic SeekIR system can be deployed by most enterprise-grade unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The system consists of a ruggedized lightweight sensor and a ground control station that transmits real-time data. Missions can be executed manually or autonomously, and repeated easily and efficiently.

The Sensor

SeekIR, SeekOps’ proprietary miniaturized methane sensor provides best-in-class resolution for leak grading. Paired with our software suite, and custom algorithms, the self-contained and field-proven SeekIR package offers localized, quantified emissions leak data for the most demanding field environments.


Our detection, localization, and quantification solution allows for comprehensive site coverage and delivers rapid, affordable, and compliant fugitive emissions data to the onshore and offshore energy, renewable natural gas, and waste management sectors.



SeekOps sensors can be deployed through our complete aerial solution or on the ground while correctly detecting 100% of leaks 100% of the time without false positives.



At the first sign of an emissions detection, the exact locations of the leaks are rapidly localized and our software provides comprehensive emissions data to triage repair activities.



Our analytics engine provides accurate measurement of emissions rates to prioritize operational repair planning.


SeekOps integrates its SeekIR sensor on the most advanced enterprise-grade drones available. The drone-independent design means that SeekIR is available for use on the most capable autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles, tailored to customers’ specific emissions detection and reporting needs.

automated emission monitoring


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