Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked whether we are a drone company. We like to say that we are more than a drone company. Below are some frequent questions we are asked.

Emissions, particularly from complex industrial facilities are inherently three dimensional. Drones provide the smallest, safest, and most effective way to position our sensor technology in 3D space, ensuring comprehensive emission inspection surveys each and every time. Our end-to-end service offerings have been independently validated to be more efficient and effective than traditional walking surveys methods. Autonomous UAS flight modes provide for rapid and repeatable inspection operations, especially in areas which are difficult to access.

SeekOps is a sensor technology and data analytics company. We employ skilled staff pilots, experienced with energy sector drone applications, to service our customers domestically and globally. Additionally, where it makes most sense, through service delivery partnerships, SeekOps can readily and cost-effectively service its international customer base. These partnerships allow for SeekOps to focus on its differentiated technology and analytics expertise to deliver actionable answer products to meet the needs of HSE, Asset Integrity, and ESG.

SeekOps focus is on its core competency for gas leak detection and quantification (LDAQ™). As part of our end-to-end workflow, SeekOps field teams commonly conduct aerial visible data collection for our clients in concert with gas detection and to increase the value of our results.

The majority of SeekOps’ business is support to the energy sector. In 2020, we expanded our customer base by servicing new verticals with similar needs. These new areas are evidenced by our work within the renewable natural gas (RNG) industries, including the US and EU biogas markets and the waste management sector, where we perform detailed landfill monitoring surveys.

The SeekIR technology was developed at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory by SeekOps founders. Based on a technology license from Caltech, SeekOps has improved upon, ruggedized and customized the core technology to yield a proprietary sensor ideally suited for commercial emissions inspection services, to accurately detect and quantify leaks rapidly, reliably, and in a repeatable manner. Our team has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry originally through field trial applications and now in widespread operational use as a commercial solution.

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