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SeekOps’ Dave Turner Discusses LDAR in Offshore Engineer Magazine

SeekOps’ Business Development Director for Asia Pacific, Dave Turner, was recently interviewed on the topic of LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) for Offshore Engineer Magazine. In it, Turner discusses how independent top-down emissions monitoring should help to validate bottom-up measurements.

Here’s an excerpt:

The US and EU are looking to make emitters pay, but customer and corporate goals are becoming important too, even in places where the regulations are not as developed. “It’s early days in many places for measuring and reporting emissions. A lot of operators are still figuring out their strategy,” says Dave Turner, Business Development Director – Asia Pacific for SeekOps. “Here in Southeast Asia, where there are hundreds of platforms, you can inspect a lot of them very quickly using a drone.”

As detection technology grows in sophistication, a top-down approach is supplementing the more traditional bottom-up approach to LDAR. The aim, says Turner, is to validate bottom-up measurements using a directly measured independent method. Companies are looking to quantify methane emissions at a macro level to reconcile the numbers obtained by identifying specific leaks with drone-mounted or fixed sensors and hand-held tools.

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