seekops regulatory approval for colorado AIMM

SeekOps Achieves First-Of-Its-Kind Regulatory Approval Under Colorado AIMM

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SeekOps Inc, a global leader in greenhouse gas emissions detection, quantification and reporting solutions, is proud to announce that it has received approval from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) for use as an Alternative Approved Instrument Measurement Method (Alt. AIMM) in Colorado. SeekOps is the first unmanned aerial system to be part of an approved Alt AIMM, and builds on their record of demonstrated success in quantifying emissions for oil and gas facilities worldwide.

Using their best-in-class, parts-per-billion sensitive sensors, SeekOps deploys state-of-the-art unmanned aerial systems that leverage autonomous operations for efficient, repeatable and consistent greenhouse gas emission surveys, facilitating rapid leak detection, localization and accurate quantification (LDAQ®).

“Colorado is committed to reducing air pollution to improve the health of all Coloradans and local communities. Emissions monitoring technologies, like those developed by SeekOps and others, can help us better understand air pollution emissions so we can achieve our goals to protect clean air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change,” said Michael Ogletree, the director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Air Pollution Control Division.

Thomas Fox, President of Highwood Emissions, stated, “Highwood is proud to have supported SeekOps in securing the first-ever regulatory approval in the United States for drone-based methane leak-detection, quantification, and repair.”

Iain Cooper, SeekOps CEO, said: “I would like to thank all those at SeekOps, Highwood Emissions and CDPHE for continuing to focus on accurate, reliable and trustworthy methane measurements. This approval is an important step in Colorado’s proactive efforts to understand the state’s emissions inventory, and to adopt the latest cost-effective abatement tools.”

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brendan smith forty under 40

SeekOps’ Co-Founder and CTO, Brendan Smith, Celebrated in Oil and Gas Investor Magazine’s “Forty Under 40”

AUSTIN, October 16, 2023 — In a recent acknowledgment of innovative leaders driving the energy sector forward, Oil and Gas Investor Magazine has unveiled its “40 Under 40” list for 2023. Making a notable appearance on this esteemed list is Brendan Smith, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of SeekOps.

“I’m elated to celebrate Brendan’s well-deserved recognition,” says Iain Cooper, CEO of SeekOps. “His journey from the University of California Merced, through the Jet Propulsion laboratory in California, to our current headquarters in Austin, is a testament to his dedication and vision. Most significantly, the technology Brendan and his team have pioneered is now being employed across all major continents, enabling businesses globally to address, abate emissions, and streamline their path to net-zero goals.”

Brendan expressed his gratitude, stating, “I am deeply honored to be part of this distinguished group. My journey has been possible thanks to the unwavering support from loved ones, the SeekOps team, our investors, and our customers.”

In his feature, the magazine shines a spotlight on Brendan Smith’s ambitious career trajectory, which led him from working on cutting-edge methane emissions measurement technology at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to co-founding SeekOps. The interview delves into Brendan’s leadership philosophies, his views on the energy sector, and some personal insights, including his aspirations to deploy SeekOps’ sensor technology in Antarctica.

For more in-depth insights from Brendan Smith, including his mentorship experiences, career advice, and perspectives on the oil and gas industry, visit

SeekOps deploys its industry-leading SeekIR® sensors with enterprise-grade drones, providing state-of-the-art methane Leak Detection and Quantification (LDAQ®) systems. Our solutions are rooted in automated workflows that are both consistent and cost-effective, driving the future of emissions monitoring. For more information, please visit

spe offshore europe seekops

Methane Emissions Detection Technology Originally Developed to Search for Life on Mars to be Presented at SPE Offshore Europe 2023

Technology first developed by the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) which is being used to detect offshore methane emissions is to be showcased at SPE Offshore Europe 2023.

SeekOps, the US-based sensor company, has deployed its drone-agnostic SeekIR solution, which uses technology initially created for the Mars Curiosity Rover, to gauge emissions across the North Sea.

In an energy sector first, by mounting an in-situ tunable diode laser absorption spectrometer (TDLAS) on a drone, high spatiotemporal methane emission measurement surveys have been conducted in an offshore environment. The system allows for cost-effective, safe and accurate methane emissions quantification and overcomes challenges posed by fixed wing crewed and uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) which have restrictive flight patterns.

Measuring methane emissions is particularly difficult in offshore environments, with other methods using satellites and aircraft having low success rates due to backscatter from water, clouds being in the field of view and a lack of resolution required to quantify one asset in a region where there are multiple in proximity.

The TLDAS technology was first developed by NASA’s JPL to look for evidence of microbial life and was extremely sensitive to methane enhancements. It has since been adapted for use across the energy sector and has been validated by the Methane Emissions Technology Evaluation Centre (METEC) in Colorado.

Brendan Smith, SeekOps Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, said: “With political, environmental and social pressures building, oil and gas operators are searching for ways to effectively reduce methane emissions. This forward-thinking solution combines two cutting-edge pieces of technology to provide companies with a modern and effective means of measuring their offshore methane emissions.”

The presentation at SPE Offshore Europe will highlight findings from surveys of five offshore assets, collecting both methane concentration and atmospheric conditions such as temperature, pressure and wind vector data.

It will form part of the Offshore Decarbonisation technical session on Friday, September 8, which begins at 10am in Conference Room 3. The event begins on Tuesday, September 5.

Kamel Ben-Naceur, SPE Offshore Europe Conference Chairman 2023, said: “As the energy transition ramps up pace, the development and adaptation of technologies to aid in the process will be key.

“This technical session will highlight a system that could have a potentially revolutionary impact on how methane emissions are measured offshore and forms part of a session which brings together the best minds in the field of offshore energy production to contribute to the development of effective strategies and solutions to reduce carbon emissions in the offshore sector.”

UAV used in environmental research

SeekOps Provides Equipment to Support Environmental Research at UC Merced

MERCED, Calif. – UC Merced is pleased to announce that it has received a generous gift of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipment from SeekOps Inc, a start-up company in the methane emissions management space. The equipment will be used to support UC Merced’s research efforts in environmental monitoring and conservation.

The gift from SeekOps Inc includes a number of state-of-the-art UAVs, as well as the necessary software and hardware to operate and maintain the equipment.

“We are incredibly grateful to Seek Ops Inc for their generous gift,” said Chancellor Juan Sánchez Muñoz. “The equipment will greatly enhance our research capabilities in environmental monitoring and conservation, and will enable our researchers to better understand and address the challenges facing our planet.”

SeekOps Inc is a rapidly growing start-up company that specializes in applied methane detection and quantification technology. The company’s mission is to provide accurate, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for methane monitoring and mitigation in the energy industry, including traditional oil & gas and renewable natural gas production (e.g., dairy biodigesters, landfills, etc.).

“We are thrilled to support the important work being done by UC Merced researchers,” said Brendan Smith, CTO of SeekOps Inc. and UC Merced Alumni. “We believe that our technology has the potential to make a real difference in the fight against climate change, and we are proud to partner with UC Merced in this important effort.”

The gift from SeekOps Inc is part of a larger effort by the company to support research and innovation in the environmental sciences. SeekOps Inc is committed to advancing the science of methane management, and to working collaboratively with partners across academia, government, and industry to address the urgent challenges posed by climate change.

About UC Merced

UC Merced, the newest campus in the University of California system, opened its doors in 2005 with the mission of providing a world-class education to students from California’s San Joaquin Valley and beyond. Located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, UC Merced is dedicated to research and teaching that advances the fields of science, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and the arts.

About SeekOps 

SeekOps deploys its industry-leading SeekIR® sensors with enterprise-grade drones to provide field-proven measurement systems for methane Leak Detection and Quantification (LDAQ®), through repeatable, consistent and cost-effective automated workflows. For more information, please visit

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jgc and seekops collaborate on aiming for zero project

JGC & SeekOps Collaborate on OGCI’s Aiming for Net Zero Project

JGC Group Becomes First Japanese Company in Aiming for Zero, Targeting Methane Emissions

Methane measurement evaluation facility also constructed, international collaboration underway

JGC Holdings Corporation has announced that the JGC Group joined the Aiming for Zero methane emissions initiative on February 14 of this year. As a project of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI, an international organization leading oil and natural gas industry responses to climate change), Aiming for Zero is focused on reducing methane emissions from the industry. The JGC Group is the first Japanese participant in the initiative.

Developments in methane emission reduction

A common greenhouse gas (GHG), methane has a greenhouse effect 28-84 times greater than that of CO2. Reducing these emissions would have a significant impact in efforts to curb global warming, which is why global efforts to reduce methane emissions are accelerating.

OGCI is a CEO-led initiative of 12 companies (including Aramco, ExxonMobil and Shell) that has spearheaded a variety of climate change activities in the oil and natural gas industry since January 2014. This particular project, launched in March 2022, aims for zero methane emissions from the oil and natural gas industry by 2030. Among the members are more than 40 European and American companies that provide solutions for methane measurement, reporting, verification (MRV), and reduction, who are taking proactive measures to eliminate emissions.

Background and goals of JGC participation

In addition to supporting the Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC) in establishing guidelines for calculating GHGs linked to LNG, hydrogen, and ammonia production, JGC Holdings has conducted GHG emission measurements at an ammonia production site in Indonesia and worked to develop MRV systems and improve techniques. Our participation in Aiming for Zero builds on such activities to date. Ongoing concerted efforts by JGC Holdings, including this initiative to reduce industrial methane emissions, reflect our belief that this reduction is a key step on the path toward decarbonization, and we will be accelerating efforts aimed at carbon neutrality by 2050.

In addition, the Japanese government’s policy to clean up the liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply chain, in particular, has been discussed at the “LNG Producer-Consumer Conference ” held by the Japanese government, and our efforts are in line with such policies of the Japanese government.

New JGC activities to reduce methane emissions

At the JGC R&D Center in Oarai, Ibaraki, JGC Holdings has also recently constructed a facility for evaluating methane emission measurement techniques. Domestic and overseas measurement equipment manufacturers can evaluate detection capabilities and develop technology for methane emission measurement, a field that is taking shape around the world. This broad collaboration will enable improved measurement capabilities and a more effective response to methane emissions.

With JOGMEC support, JGC invited five domestic and foreign companies possessing detection technologies to the facility in mid-February to test methane emission measurement. Specifically, in addition to Konica Minolta1 and All Nippon Airways2, U.S.-based SeekOps3 and Europe-based The Sniffers4 and Aeromon5 conducted technical evaluations of their methane measurement. Results will be compiled by the end of March, yielding insight on usefulness and accuracy.

Future prospects

JGC has accelerated its energy transition initiatives, working toward a low-carbon future in line with the May 2021 long-term management vision and the medium-term business plan (2040 Vision and BSP 2025). We will continue to contribute to a smooth energy transition through superior GHG emission measurement and plant engineering technologies enabling low-GHG facilities.

  • 1 Providing a fixed methane monitoring system utilizing lens design technology and image processing technology (mediated by sales agent Daiichi Jitsugyo Co.)
  • 2 Verification of methane measurement method using remote sensing technology by aircraft, etc. is underway.
  • 3 Service provider for direct measurement of methane using drones
  • 4 Service provider that directly measures methane using hand-held sensors such as infrared cameras (Head office: Belgium
  • 5 Service provider that directly measures methane using drones (Head office: Finland)

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paal kibsgaard seekops advisory board member

SeekOps Adds Energy Industry Executive Paal Kibsgaard to Advisory Board

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SeekOps Inc., a global leader in providing best-in-class sensors and actionable analytics to support both traditional and renewable energy sectors in their decarbonization efforts, today announced the addition of Paal Kibsgaard to their advisory board.

“It is my pleasure to welcome Paal to our advisory board,” said Iain Cooper, President and CEO of SeekOps. “Paal brings with him a wealth of experience in both deploying and managing operations on a global scale, in addition to a broad and influential network across all levels of the Energy business. Paal was instrumental in catalyzing Schlumberger’s efforts in the energy transition during his time as CEO, and this is reflected in this focus with SeekOps as we embark on our growth strategy.”

Paal Kibsgaard is currently a Partner with Veritec Ventures, an Early Stage Venture Capital company addressing the energy transition. He was previously Chairman and CEO of Schlumberger Ltd in addition to holding other senior management and operational positions. Mr. Kibsgaard was also Chairman of Borr Drilling, and holds a Master’s degree in petroleum engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology.

“I am excited to join the SeekOps Advisory Board as the company enters a new phase, focused on scaling up the operations and bringing their unique technology and answer products to a fast growing, global customer base.”

Paal joins Advisory Board Members David Cox, Founding Partner of the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas and Dr Simon Bittleston, Chairman of the International Scientific Advisory Board for GAPSTI at Cambridge University.

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david cox seekops advisory board

SeekOps Adds Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas Co-Founder David Cox to Advisory Board

AUSTIN, Texas – (Business Wire) – SeekOps Inc., a global leader in providing best-in-class sensors and actionable analytics to support both traditional and renewable energy sectors in their decarbonization efforts, today announced the addition of David Cox to their advisory board.

“It is my pleasure to welcome David to our advisory board,” said Iain Cooper, President and CEO of SeekOps. “David’s insights will greatly aid SeekOps’ long term growth into the renewable natural gas and landfill markets as we scale our operations globally. His deep understanding of the complex and rapidly evolving regulatory environment and ESG reporting frameworks will also be key to our growing engagement in the broader RNG community as we continue to incorporate the newest, field-proven innovations into our products and services.”

David Cox is a founding partner of Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, the association of the RNG industry in North America. RNG Coalition members capture fugitive methane from waste and generate carbon-neutral and carbon-negative renewable energy, including gas, electricity, and hydrogen. Under David’s leadership, RNG Coalition, which includes many of the largest energy companies in the world, has grown to a national and increasingly international leader in the advancement of renewable natural gas. David is widely recognized for his leadership in RNG law, policy and market development. He is a graduate of the McGeorge School of Law and Westmont College. He is licensed to practice law in Texas, Oklahoma and California. 

“There has never been a more critical time to have reliable and actionable information about emissions performance,” said Cox. “SeekOps’ data-driven technology and services are mission critical to any company with a decarbonization commitment. I’m honored to join their Advisory Board and look forward to assisting their exceptionally talented team.”   

David joins Advisory Board member Dr Simon Bittleston, Chairman of the International Scientific Advisory Board for GAPSTI at Cambridge University, who joined in 2022.

Read the full press release here: Business Wire

alberta methane emissions program

Alberta Energy Regulator Approves First Unmanned Aerial System for Emissions Management Program

SeekOps Receives Regulatory Approval in Alt-FEMP Filing for Repsol Canada

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SeekOps Inc., a leader in greenhouse gas emissions detection, quantification and reporting solutions, is the technology at the heart of an Alternative Fugitive Emission Management Program (Alt-FEMP), submitted by Repsol, that has now received approval from the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Using their best-in-class, part-per-billion sensitive sensors, SeekOps deploys state-of-the-art unmanned aerial systems that leverage autonomous operations for swift, repeatable and consistent greenhouse gas emission surveys, facilitating rapid leak detection, localization and accurate quantification (LDAQ®). SeekOps is the first unmanned aerial system to be part of an approved Alt-FEMP, and builds on their record of demonstrated success in quantifying emissions for oil and gas facilities worldwide.

Independent validation by Highwood Emissions has demonstrated the effectiveness of the combination of SeekOps’ highly sensitive sensor and actionable analytics, alongside comprehensive preventative maintenance to show that the emissions reductions for this program will be as good or better than currently prescribed regulatory requirements.

Iain Cooper, SeekOps CEO said:

“Accurate quantification is at the heart of determining how effectively and how quickly emissions can be reduced. It has been pleasing to see how fast some Operators have been moving with regards to the adoption of new technologies to assist with their emission-reduction goals. It is equally pleasing to see the Regulatory authorities also embracing these technologies, with both displaying a deep understanding of their capabilities and limitations. We have demonstrated the power of automated unmanned surveys to be a safe and cost-effective solution in assessing the detailed spatial and temporal evolution of emissions, highlighting the effectiveness of operator decarbonization initiatives on their path to net-zero.”

Thomas Fox, Highwood Emissions Management President, stated:

“Advanced measurement solutions will play a critical role in decarbonizing oil and gas production. The SeekOps approval is an exciting milestone in the transition towards better detection and quantification of methane emissions. With the first approval of a drone-based methane solution, we are encouraged by the leadership demonstrated by the Alberta Energy Regulator and SeekOps.”

Read the full press release here: BusinessWire


SeekOps field technician job opening

SeekOps and Flylogix Expand Strategic Partnership to Provide Methane Emissions Quantification Services Into Offshore Norway, Holland, and Denmark

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SeekOps Inc., the technology innovator whose best-in-class sensors and actionable analytics deliver accurate methane emissions quantification, and Flylogix, provider of record-breaking long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have expanded their strategic partnership.

For the past two years, the SeekOps/Flylogix team have conducted multiple successful emissions surveys on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS). Sponsored by the Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC), the team demonstrated top-down methane emissions measurements safely and efficiently for a number of remote offshore platforms, highlighting an industry-best minimum detection level of 2.5 kg/hr. Both companies are now building upon the validation of those surveys to expand coverage across the rest of the UKCS, as well as exclusively deploying UAV missions to the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Dutch and Danish sectors of the North Sea.

Iain Cooper, CEO at SeekOps said: “With their proven capabilities to effectively deploy our unique sensor consistently, repeatedly, and cost-effectively on facilities for bp, TotalEnergies, Shell, Equinor, TAQA and Harbour Energy, we are very excited to extend our collaboration into a wider range of territories, enabling more operators and assets to accurately quantify and report their emissions as they move toward satisfying the requirements of the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) 2.0 framework. We already have plenty of flights scheduled this year, and we look forward to jointly helping our customers in their decarbonisation efforts.”

Charles Tavner, Executive Chairman at Flylogix said : “When it comes to emissions, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. And so SeekOps’ ability to quantify the invisible, and our use of long-range unmanned systems to change the paradigm on collecting data in remote environments with minimum personnel or operational disruption is a potential game-changer for the energy industry. Delivering business-critical information from remote environments is what Flylogix was founded to do, and so it has been a real privilege to work in partnership with a similarly pioneering organisation such as SeekOps.”



SeekOps Inc. deploys advanced sensor technology to detect, localize, and quantify natural gas emissions through integrated drone-based systems. SeekOps latest SeekIR sensors allow business and industry to meet rigorous operational and regulatory demands while safeguarding resources. SeekOps are headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a European office in Aberdeen.


At Flylogix, we are bringing together artificial intelligence, satellite communication and low-cost electronics to develop a new generation of smaller, more efficient, unmanned aircraft. We use these to transform remote operations, dramatically reducing carbon emissions, improving safety and providing new cost-effective solutions. Flylogix is a privately-owned business founded in 2015, and based in Fareham, UK.

series b backed emission monitoring drone

SeekOps Announces Closing of $14M Series B Financing

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SeekOps Inc., a Texas-based technology company, announced the closing of its Series B funding. SeekOps provides best-in-class sensors and actionable analytics to support both traditional and renewable energy sectors in their decarbonization efforts, delivering reliable, timely and accurate methane Leak Detection and Quantification (LDAQTM), facilitating increased ESG reporting transparency, and enabling verification for Responsibly Sourced Gas certification standards.

“The transparency created by accurate methods for detection, localisation, and quantification is essential to reducing emissions.”

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The funding round was led by Schlumberger, with the support of existing investors Equinor Ventures and OGCI Climate Investments (OGCI CI), and new investor Caterpillar Venture Capital Inc. (CVCI).

Iain Cooper, SeekOps CEO said, “The funding and strategic alignment with our new investors, Schlumberger and CVCI, and the continued backing of our initial investors, Equinor and OGCI CI, enables us to not only assist our investors in their decarbonization initiatives, but with their support, scale our services onshore and offshore directly with customers via our global drone service partners, and enable the energy industry to cost-effectively assess its progress to net-zero.”

“Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and methane in particular, is an imperative for our industry. It demands solutions that deliver more precise methods of emissions detection and measurement,” said Kahina Abdeli-Galinier, Emissions Management Business Director, Schlumberger. “Our participation in SeekOps will accelerate the deployment of sensitive and accurate measurement techniques.”

“We are pleased to support SeekOps’ unique offering that can measure emissions from both onshore and offshore operations,” said Pratima Rangarajan, CEO of OGCI Climate Investments. “The transparency created by accurate methods for detection, localisation, and quantification is essential to reducing emissions.”

Equinor, a member company of OGCI CI, has been an early adopter of SeekOps technology since 2017. “Equinor is excited about the company’s expansion and continues to support its growth. We have been very pleased by their recent offshore quantification surveys for us in the North Sea,” said Gareth Burns, Vice President of Equinor Ventures.

See the Press Release on Business Wire here.

About SeekOps

SeekOps globally deploys its industry-leading sensor technology with enterprise-grade drones to provide field-proven measurement systems for methane Leak Detection and Quantification (LDAQTM), through repeatable, consistent and cost-effective automated workflows. For more information, please visit

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Schlumberger (SLB: NYSE) is a technology company that partners with customers to access energy. Our people, representing over 160 nationalities, are providing leading digital solutions and deploying innovative technologies to enable performance and sustainability for the global energy industry. With expertise in more than 120 countries, we collaborate to create technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all.

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