jgc and seekops collaborate on aiming for zero project

JGC & SeekOps Collaborate on OGCI’s Aiming for Net Zero Project

JGC Group Becomes First Japanese Company in Aiming for Zero, Targeting Methane Emissions

Methane measurement evaluation facility also constructed, international collaboration underway

JGC Holdings Corporation has announced that the JGC Group joined the Aiming for Zero methane emissions initiative on February 14 of this year. As a project of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI, an international organization leading oil and natural gas industry responses to climate change), Aiming for Zero is focused on reducing methane emissions from the industry. The JGC Group is the first Japanese participant in the initiative.

Developments in methane emission reduction

A common greenhouse gas (GHG), methane has a greenhouse effect 28-84 times greater than that of CO2. Reducing these emissions would have a significant impact in efforts to curb global warming, which is why global efforts to reduce methane emissions are accelerating.

OGCI is a CEO-led initiative of 12 companies (including Aramco, ExxonMobil and Shell) that has spearheaded a variety of climate change activities in the oil and natural gas industry since January 2014. This particular project, launched in March 2022, aims for zero methane emissions from the oil and natural gas industry by 2030. Among the members are more than 40 European and American companies that provide solutions for methane measurement, reporting, verification (MRV), and reduction, who are taking proactive measures to eliminate emissions.

Background and goals of JGC participation

In addition to supporting the Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC) in establishing guidelines for calculating GHGs linked to LNG, hydrogen, and ammonia production, JGC Holdings has conducted GHG emission measurements at an ammonia production site in Indonesia and worked to develop MRV systems and improve techniques. Our participation in Aiming for Zero builds on such activities to date. Ongoing concerted efforts by JGC Holdings, including this initiative to reduce industrial methane emissions, reflect our belief that this reduction is a key step on the path toward decarbonization, and we will be accelerating efforts aimed at carbon neutrality by 2050.

In addition, the Japanese government’s policy to clean up the liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply chain, in particular, has been discussed at the “LNG Producer-Consumer Conference ” held by the Japanese government, and our efforts are in line with such policies of the Japanese government.

New JGC activities to reduce methane emissions

At the JGC R&D Center in Oarai, Ibaraki, JGC Holdings has also recently constructed a facility for evaluating methane emission measurement techniques. Domestic and overseas measurement equipment manufacturers can evaluate detection capabilities and develop technology for methane emission measurement, a field that is taking shape around the world. This broad collaboration will enable improved measurement capabilities and a more effective response to methane emissions.

With JOGMEC support, JGC invited five domestic and foreign companies possessing detection technologies to the facility in mid-February to test methane emission measurement. Specifically, in addition to Konica Minolta1 and All Nippon Airways2, U.S.-based SeekOps3 and Europe-based The Sniffers4 and Aeromon5 conducted technical evaluations of their methane measurement. Results will be compiled by the end of March, yielding insight on usefulness and accuracy.

Future prospects

JGC has accelerated its energy transition initiatives, working toward a low-carbon future in line with the May 2021 long-term management vision and the medium-term business plan (2040 Vision and BSP 2025). We will continue to contribute to a smooth energy transition through superior GHG emission measurement and plant engineering technologies enabling low-GHG facilities.

  • 1 Providing a fixed methane monitoring system utilizing lens design technology and image processing technology (mediated by sales agent Daiichi Jitsugyo Co.)
  • 2 Verification of methane measurement method using remote sensing technology by aircraft, etc. is underway.
  • 3 Service provider for direct measurement of methane using drones
  • 4 Service provider that directly measures methane using hand-held sensors such as infrared cameras (Head office: Belgium
  • 5 Service provider that directly measures methane using drones (Head office: Finland)

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