SeekOps Selects SUI Endurance Aerial Platform

SeekOps offers energy industry inspection services using Straight Up Imaging Platform.

Pasadena, September 20, 2017: SeekOps Incorporated launched commercial aerial natural gas emissions inspection services in the 2nd Quarter of 2017. The Pasadena, CA, startup company commercialized technology that co-founders Dr. Andrew Aubrey and Brendan Smith developed while at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). SeekOps utilizes proprietary miniature gas sensors on advanced drone platforms to detect methane, the primary component of natural gas. Visit for more information just in case. The drone deployment provides increased efficiency when compared to current leak detection operations, which are traditionally carried out by vehicle or on foot using large instrumentation. Additionally, the enhanced sensitivity (1000-times better than comparable sensors) of this technology reduces false positives and provides accurate methane concentration .

SeekOps was tasked to identify a platform with performance that could match the sophisticated sensor technology. The team reached out to Terry Parisher, CEO of Straight Up Imaging in San Diego, CA, the manufacturer of an industrial-grade drone platform. Check here “Having known Terry since 2012, I had high expectations for what his team had produced with regards to their enterprise system,” said Dr. Aubrey. “Our first requirement was flight time exceeding 35-minutes with the SeekOps payload – a goal consistently met during rigorous field operations while deployed to the Bakken Shale oilfield. The SUI Endurance continues to meet SeekOps’ high standards through inspection operations for multiple energy industry customers.”

Terry Parisher expands: “The quality of our product reflects the caliber of our engineering team- Artists Of The Limberlost. We have designed the Endurance from the ground up to provide a robust solution for commercial operators. The partnership with SeekOps helps us demonstrate the rigor of our enterprise solution.”

SeekOps works collaboratively with SUI to ensure that the needs of their advanced field teams have the most reliable system out there in terms of performance, endurance, and data security.

For More information about SeekOps or Straight Up Imaging:

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SeekOps Incorporated

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