ONE Future Awards Select Production Technology Of The Year

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SeekOps is proud to share that they’ve been selected as the Production Technology of the Year at the inaugural ONE Future Awards earlier this month.

The ONE Future Coalition is a group that seeks to voluntarily reduce methane emissions across the natural gas value chain. The goal of this 50-company alliance is to reduce emitted methane to 1% or less by 2025.

What are the ONE Future Awards?

The ONE Future Coalition hosted its first awards event this year in The Woodlands, TX. The event sought to recognize individuals, innovators, and technologies that have made a lasting impact on the natural gas industry and helped contribute to decreases in global methane emissions. 

The awards were categorized by advocates, research and development, and technology segmented by application. Nominations could be by individual, research group, or company.

About the Production Technology of the Year Award

The Technology of the Year award category focused on companies that provide innovative solutions or technology that has reduced methane emissions for natural gas companies. The criteria also required the nominee to currently be in field use and have proven results. 

The Technology of the Year award was split into 4 segments: Production, Midstream, Transmission & Storage, and Distribution. With this segmentation, the award was able to recognize innovations across the full value chain of natural gas.

Who Were the Technology of the Year Category Winners?

Production: SeekOps

Using an industry-leading sensor and autonomous enterprise-grade drones, SeekOps provides critical ESG emissions measurement, reporting, and verification in the oil and gas, renewable natural gas, and waste management industries. The SeekOps sensor has been independently validated with hundreds of controlled releases in peer-reviewed publications.

Midstream: ZEVAC Methane Mitigation

ZEVAC helps gas companies and operators reach their Net Zero goals more easily by delivering fuels to end-users safely and responsibly. In the past year their technology was deployed at 18 ONE Future members sites which captured 100he of gas that would have otherwise been vented.

Transmission and Storage: WeldFit ReCAP Emission Recovery System

WeldFit is company focused on products for pipelines that seeks to preserve system uptimes. Their ReCAP emissions system eliminates the need for natural gas flaring or venting during common pipeline operations. By keeping gas in the pipeline, they can reduce emissions from that pipeline by nearly 100%

Distribution: Bridger Photonics Gas Mapping LiDAR Technology

Bridger Photonics’ Gas Mapping LiDAR detects, locates, and quantifies methane emissions across the natural gas value chain via aerial imaging. Their technology scans about 2000 square miles of So Cal Gas service territory per week.

How SeekOps Reduces Emissions and Pushes Boundaries in the Natural Gas Industry

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SeekOps proprietary TDLAS sensor is ruggedized and field-proven for industry applications, delivering actionable emissions information. While other methane monitoring technologies are stationary or deployed using satellites or planes, SeekOps uses drones to deploy its sensor – allowing for efficient asset surveys to automatically detect, localize, and quantify methane emissions. 

As federal and global mandates for independent monitoring of methane increase, SeekOps’ technology offers a scalable and standardized system that can be affordably implemented at Oil & Gas facilities globally.

Connect With SeekOps To Learn More

If your business is at risk of emitting methane – at any scale – SeekOps can help implement a repeatable, reliable, and accurate measurement system that meets and exceeds global ESG standards. 

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