Sniffing Out New Business

SeekOps Inc., a Pasadena startup, manufactures a methane sensor that it attaches to a quad-copter drone and flies over oil and gas fields looking for leaks.

The company, founded by a pair of former Jet Propulsion Laboratory employees who repurposed, slimmed down and licensed a methane-detecting sensor that NASA was using on its Curiosity Rover to search for microbial life on Mars, manufacturers its sensors in-house but buys custom-made drones from San Diego’s Straight Up Imaging.

Equinor Invests in Two Gas-Focused Tech Startups

The venture arm of the Norwegian-owned oil and gas explorer recently made equity investments in two California-based startups that will bring high-tech technologies into its natural gas operations. One of them flies, the other is destined to live out its days deep in the ground.

Methane Detector Sniffs Out Leaks

Methane is everywhere on Earth, for better and for worse. Among other things, it’s the main ingredient in the natural gas that powers heating, cooking, and electricity. It’s also a potent greenhouse gas. So whether they’re gas producers or scientists studying climate change, there’s more than one group interested in knowing exactly how much methane is getting released into the atmosphere and where.

Detecting Methane with Advanced Technology

Tucked in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains sits an eight-acre outdoor technology testing center dedicated to improving methane emissions detection.

The Methane Emissions Technology Evaluation Center (METEC) site, hosted by (CSU) Energy Institute, replicates the landscape of natural gas production facilities that carefully simulate emissions vist, drawing academics, companies and entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their methane emissions detection   .

2019 Drone Industry Report

This 100+ page analysis of the state of the drone industry 2019 follows up on our successful 2018 edition, and is designed for those using drones, developing technology for drones, and those trying to understand what commercial customers really want from drones.