Oil & Gas

Detect. Localize. Quantify.

Our miniaturized sensors address a pressing need for energy companies – detect, localize, and accurately quantify methane emissions. Proven in rigorous field testing across the most demanding environments, the SeekOps solution gives operators the right tool to meet their emissions reduction targets.

Onshore - Upstream

Autonomous SeekIR® drone surveys provide consistent and repeatable inspections on-demand.

Onshore - Midstream

SeekOps services including LDAQ™ are ideal for compressor stations, metering and regulation (M&R) facilities, tank farms, gas storage fields, and LNG facilities.

Plugged and Abandoned (P&A) Wells

The sensitive SeekOps Solution is a powerful tool for detecting and quantifying the lower emissions rates associated with P&A wells, critical for operators to verify wellsite integrity and environmental compliance.

Offshore - Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

The SeekIR BVLOS solution delivers cost-effective wide area offshore surveys, while meeting rigorous measurement and reporting standards.

Offshore - Visual Line of Sight (VLOS)

SeekOps LDAQ™ multirotor measurements can be conducted offshore using either platform or supply-boat deployed drones with the SeekIR® payload. These inspections provide real-time concentration data to the operator with equipment level localization.

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