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SeekOps Inc. specializes in unmanned aerial solutions (UAS) for natural gas emissions identification, aerial inspection, and geospatial data analytics across the Energy & Waste Management industries. SeekOps® designs and manufactures ultra-lightweight, high sensitivity Tunable Laser Spectroscopy gas sensors for methane and other compounds. Our team works with energy companies to deploy these sensors on UAS and other mobile platforms. SeekOps® UAS systems and advanced algorithms provide a broad range of real-time gas release detection data, including localization and quantification in operational environments. At SeekOps® we believe that a quantitative, data driven approach to natural gas emissions monitoring is a key aspect of infrastructure integrity management, and that a comprehensive monitoring program drives operational excellence, thereby enhancing both environmental health and safety.

As a Senior Electrical Engineer, you will work to evaluate and improve SeekOps® products and ensure strict compliance with international industry standard and government regulations. You will collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers on a wide range of industrial problems.



  • Design and test digital, analog and mixed signal circuits (op-amp circuits, analog filters, interface circuits, and signal conditioning)
  • Circuit simulation of new designs and design modifications
  • Write and test embedded firmware, and PC based scripts
  • Build prototypes of power electronics circuits and sensors for design verification
  • Verify and validate electro-mechanical design performance by establishing reliability, maintainability and durability test standards; building and testing prototypes; performing debugging procedures; conducting compatibility evaluations; analyzing test data; identifying, isolating and resolving performance problems
  • Schematic capture and PCB layout using EagleCAD
  • Responsible for maintaining electrical design and product compliance with all company and governmental regulations
  • Customarily and regularly collaborates with other development teams/leaders and provide project planning and progress reporting.



Minimum qualifications:

  • BS degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Must have at least 10 years of hands-on electrical design experience in a mixed technical team (ME, FW, SW, etc.), preferably in consumer electronics industry
  • Electronic system design
  • Sensor and system integration experience
  • Expert in op-amp circuits, analog Filters, interface circuits, and signal conditioning
  • Circuit simulation (Spice or equivalent)
  • Electronics hardware testing and debug (rework station, oscilloscope, analyzers)
  • PCB Design, analog board design, analog systems design (EagleCAD, OrCAD, Altium, KiCAD, etc.)
  • Electronic system RF emissions analysis
  • Familiar with manufacturing technologies and DFM
  • FCC Compliance and Design Standards

Additional qualifications:

  • MS degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent subject
  • Familiarity with on-board power supplies, switching power supplies, inductive buck/boost converters, and Charge pumps
  • Design of lithium ion charging circuits and state of charge measurement
  • Familiarity with Analog/Digital signal processing
  • Previous experience with electronics design and testing methods for low/high environmental temperature conditions
  • Previous experience with electronics design and testing methods for high shock and vibration applications
  • Updating requirements, specifications, and verification tests
  • Firmware Design, 8 bit, ARM tool flow and debugger
  • PCB Design: IS or ATEX Rating Compliance and design standards.
  • Intrinsically Safe/Explosion Proof design
  • Ingress Protection (IP) testing standards
  • Experience in working with third-party technology component providers

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