About SeekOps


Located in Austin, Texas, SeekOps is trusted by top operators in both traditional and renewable energy industries for our accurate sensor technology and actionable reporting. Our customer-focused team, including our innovative engineers and FAA-certified pilots, work closely with clients to provide tailored, cost-effective, safe, and efficient emissions monitoring solutions with industry-recognized, unparalleled field services.

The Problem We’re Solving

Our customers face unprecedented challenges in their quest for net zero. They need efficient, cost-effective, safe and quantitative methods to survey their assets: hundreds of thousands of onshore producing wells, over 2.5 million miles of gas transmission and distribution pipeline, over 2,500 landfill sites, and over 2,000 biogas sites in the US alone. SeekOps answered the call with our groundbreaking SeekIR drone-based solution for emissions detection, localization and quantification.

Our Mission + Our Focus

In addition to providing state-of-the art high accuracy, high resolution emissions profiles and trends for our customers, we also want to dispel many of the myths, misconceptions and misunderstanding surrounding emissions, the difficulties in obtaining accurate quantification, how our technique may be complementary to others, and how we ultimately see this space evolving.

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